Peace of Mind

Arcenorentals has been created by a team of dedicated professionals who are able to provide home owners with a comprehensive range of services.  These include looking after their property allowing it to become a steady source of income as a 'holiday home' rental while giving the home owner peace of mind that their second home is professionally cared for. 

Taking care of the red-tape

We manage the rental of the property in accordance with the Italian regulations of 'Casa Vacanza'.  This is a vacation home rental scheme where aside from the rental of the property, services are also provided to the guests and all regulations and requirements under Italian law are met and complied with. 

Let us do the hard work

All rental activity is carried out by our multilingual team at an outstanding level allowing the home owner to sit back and just enjoy the economic benefit.

We also provide the home owner with expert personalised advice on how to set up and furnish their own unique property in keeping its unique character and the owners personal style while providing our own brand of service in order to make the property appeal to our exclusive clientele.  Our guests look for comfort, elegance and exclusive settings.  Arceno is the ideal place where these elements can be combined to achieve high quality rentals and experiences.

Finding the right guests and keeping them happy

We advertise the properties all over the world using state of the art tools and marketing techniques.  We manage bookings, payments and comply with all recently introduced obligations regarding vacation rentals.  We also handle guests' requests, welcome them on their arrival and assist them during their stay with the utmost care and discretion.    

We pride ourselves on our high level of property management skills, our local knowledge of the area and our outstanding customer service levels for both home owners and guests.

The houses are set up and cleaned to the to the highest standards and we also initially draw up an inventory of the entire household which is kept updated.  

Taking care of your property

We provide home owners with our Property Management services including maintenance, repair, utility supply and accountancy. Our team consistently ensures that the property is kept at the standards required for high quality rental activity.   

We regularly check the houses in order to plan for any extraordinary maintenance that can be carried out off season.  We also plan the upkeep of the household, the gardens, boiler and electrical systems as may be required.  Any repair works are overseen by our team and, if bigger structural works are required, we are able to take care of the planning, budgeting, contracting and managing of the building work, always seeking the home owners input, approval and confirmation.  We also deal with the administration of bill payments and tax compliance obligations and other financial services. 

Tailor made services

Our property management services are bespoke and home owners may choose from within the range of services we provide so that the property becomes a source of income for the home owner without the stress and effort involved in administering their property themselves.    

Home Owners may stay at their properties whenever they wish, during time periods that are agreed beforehand each year.  We just ask that we are informed sufficiently in advance so that we may ensure the property is available and made ready for their own use.   

Our Team

Anna and Ross Crawford

Stefano Finetti

Gaia Mini


From Thomas, owner of Chiusarella (September 2017)

I had bought the property La Chiusarella in 1996, restored the house within one year more or less from scratch and moved in the summer of 1997.  Two years later I added the pool and restored the annesso both forming an ensemble at a distance of about 150m up the hill above the house.  During the first 18 years or so my family and I used the house primarily for ourselves, often together with friends and occasionally there were befriended families as guests who payed more or less a nominal rent.

After I had retired I started spending a considerable part of my time living in the USA and travelling elsewhere in the world.  My children and their families keep coming to La Chiusarella, their stays are however, limited by the need to accommodate school holidays which are in the summer, only 6 weeks in Germany.  Thus, I thought about professionally renting out also in order to help to pick up the costs of the property which are substantial.  I wanted from the beginning to be clear from any tax and regulatory problems.

It so happened that at the same time Arceno Rentals Club was setting up business primarily for owners of houses in the Arceno area in every necessary way to administer and maintain such houses and to rent them out on a much more professional basis than I could possibly do in Italy.

On this basis I met with the representatives of Arceno Rentals in early 2016 and as of  August 2016, we concluded two agreements for an initial period of 3 years, the “Property & Facility Management Agreement” and the “Lease Agreement for Touristic Purposes”.

After a little over one year, I am very happy about Arceno Rentals’s performance under both of the agreements.  Arceno Rentals relieves me of virtually all administrative tasks and technical tasks and supervision for the house and the property and for the renting out without leaving me out of the loop. Arceno Rentals keep me regularly and at any given occasion informed about what is going on.  If I feeI I need to know more specifically where we stand I receive the required information within hours or a day.

As to the financial and contractual matters I primarily deal with Anna Sfondrini Crawford who, being married to an Englishman and doing also other business in Italy, other countries on the continent and in the UK, speaks excellent English.  Equally important, she understands the German, British and – as I know from my US-American life partner – also the US-American mind set very well.  Having rented out herself for quite a number of years she knows the business and possible pitfalls very well.  As a certified accountant she is very experienced and quick and still reliable with numbers.  She handles from my account all invoices that come in for the various services and deliveries needed for the property.

Judging from this first almost full spring and summer of 2017 experience – we were almost fully booked since June. Anna organizes the advertising for the renting, deals with enquiries of potential renters, negotiates the rent, takes care of all paper work with the renters, makes sure the payments come in and deals with agencies, as far as they are involved. 

Our concierge service – delivered by very experienced, skillful, effective and friendly Gaia Mini – is co-organized and supervised by Anna.  The same is true for the house cleaning people who come twice a week. Anna and Gaia see to it that items of the household are replaced if broken or otherwise disappeared (the latter has not happened so far).  When renters have a problem which cannot be solved by the concierge Gaia or by AR’s technical partner Stefano Finetti, Anna is always approachable and ready to help. 

As to the more practical, technical matters I rely on Stefano Finetti.  He lives not far from Arceno and is always quick to come when necessary.  He plans, organizes and supervises the electrician, plumber, builder and other craftsmen, the pool people etc.  For the US-family mentioned above he took care of the proper functioning of the internet and WIFI – essential for the father of the family who kept running his company from his/our holiday home and in Italy not always quite an easy task.  Stefano was also instrumental for the re-organization and building of the irrigation system of the property – very important for this hot summer, for the lighting along the way up to the pool and for all works necessary for the proper restoration and upkeep of the house, the annesso and the property by and large after almost 20 years after we had moved in.  He makes sure that all electrical and other technical appliances in the house and on the property work properly, that the hot water and - in the winter - the heating and - in the summer - the air conditioners run properly etc.  In doing all that Stefano is technically knowledgeable, imaginative, meticulous and also sees to the costs.  He has a good rapport with the people we work with and for me it is immensely helpful that he speaks English fluently.

Summing up, I consider it a great lucky coincidence that I met Arceno Rentals Club and the people working for the company just at the right time and just perfectly fitting my needs.

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